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Henry Smeaton Diamond 11,000 Mattress

  • £1,89400

If you are looking for the ultimate sleeping platform, then look no further than the Henry Smeaton Diamond 11000 mattress..

The luxurious hand-tufted chemical-free Belgian damask cover hides a plethora of detailing that takes the Diamond 11000 way, way beyond the realm of the standard mattress. At the heart of this mattress lies 11,000 individual high-density pocketed springs, hand-engineered to work to deliver supreme support; meaning with zero roll together.

With the Henry Smeaton Diamond 11000 mattress, every bone and muscle in your body enjoys individual attention with precisely the right amount of support where it is needed, adapting as you move around during the night. On top of this, the lambswool, cashmere, silk, mohair and cotton filling, plus 100% natural latex, offers a sleeping environment that is hard to equal.

The Diamond 11,000 is available in a medium feel and is 100% recyclable, so when its time to replace your existing mattress, it won’t end up in a landfill.

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