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Henry Smeaton Diamond 9000 Mattress

  • £1,75900

The Henry Smeaton Diamond 9000 mattress comes with 9000 high-density pocketed springs to deliver independent support exactly where it’s needed, eliminating roll together while remaining responsive against the individual contours of the body.

And the level of detail doesn’t stop there. The Diamond 9000 contains the finest soft lambswool, cashmere, mohair, silk, cotton and 100% natural latex, all within a chemical-free Belgian damask cover, hand-stitched in Yorkshire by experienced mattress makers.

Indeed every component is hand-engineered to provide a level of comfort and support that is hard to equal, which is why we have selected this range as the perfect complement to our handmade beds.

The Diamond 9000 mattress is available in a medium feel and up to 8ft wide.

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