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Parisienne Sleigh Bed Solid Oak

  • £1,62200

Elegant and sophisticated, the Parisienne sleigh bed exudes luxury. From the hand-carved scrolling to the exquisite brass detailing, this bed gives the impression of being carved from a single piece of wood.

More refinement, more thought and more attention to detail. That’s the handmade Parisienne sleigh bed. Nothing has been too much trouble for our craftsmen. Note the hand-carved ‘ogee’ feet and the fine brass detailing (created exclusively for us by a British company with a 65 year pedigree). Even the gentle curves of the low slung bed base have been angled to create a sleigh bed of perfect proportions.

The aim with the Parisienne was to create a sleigh bed that was true to the original French design – ‘weightless’ in appearance, yet as strong as an ox. Every element, from the 40mm gap between the slats that deliver optimum mattress support through to the hand-administered wax finish, has been refined and rethought until it was exactly right. We can even supply the mattress and bedding itself.

All the solid oak beds are hand-crafted using time honoured techniques. Since 1983, the craftsmen at Revival Beds have been using the finest grade of sustainable wood (Quebec Yellow & Scandinavian Redwood) to build their bed frames – and at the peak of their perfection, is the new range of solid oak beds. The oak selected is of the finest grade and between 150-200 years old before it is felled. Using the same trusted partners Revival Beds have used for the last 30 years, this ensures you get the most mature oak that is sustainable to the environment. Solid oak beds come complete with a 10 year guarantee.


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